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Blog 30 – May 2024 – Financial Summary – Month 8
First things first, Its been a fairly lacklustre month on my part. Although I’ve been monitoring things daily, there have been zero posts and minimal changes to the Portfolio. I have claimed my Eigen ‘points….’ sigh, and Rez from...
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Blog 29 - April 2024 - Financial Summary - Month 7
Starting Balance April 2024 started with an invested balance of $15,000 USD as at 1st March. Funds Added (or Taken Out) $2,300 was taken out for the Month of April. This was the sale of the wormhole airdrop and the removal of funds in Parcl, Kamino...
Blog 28 - April 2024 - Airdrops (Or End Of)
A quick update to list the airdrops received for April. I have to say, as I write this, airdrop sentiment is at its worst. The disappointment of the Eigenlayer announcement at the end of April; whereby both % allocation was minuscule, it was geoblocked...
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Blog 27 - April 2024 - $Fomo & All That Is Wrong With Crypto
Before I get into this properly, I want to start by saying that lately I have begun to feel like all it will take is one large correction for my portfolio to be under water. Or certainly under the invested balance. Whilst this doesn’t worry me financially...
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Blog 26 - April 2024 - Wormhole & Housekeeping
Wormhole Note to future self – just sell any airdrop when you receive it, and move on. Having been somewhat burnt by the EtherFi airdrop – selling immediately only to watch it double in price shortly thereafter, I had decided to take some...
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