Blog 28 – April 2024 – Airdrops (Or End Of)

A quick update to list the airdrops received for April. I have to say, as I write this, airdrop sentiment is at its worst. The disappointment of the Eigenlayer announcement at the end of April; whereby both % allocation was minuscule, it was geoblocked and unavoidable by VPN (yet would take these deposits), and the most hilarious part, the fact they are not transferrable – ie locked for a yet to be determined period of time, left the entire space feeling farmed and angry.

Couple that with the fact that renzo eth depegged, causing many to be liquidated on farming protocols, and the whole liquid restaking space is starting to feel like that ticking timebomb many in the space suggested it was early on.

I will cover both my Eigenlayer and Renzo airdrops in a future blog in May. At this point there is no rush on either. Eigenlayer is not available, and renzo is down only…..

Airdrops for April:

Maneki was a pleasant surprise and airdropped given I am a Saga 2 holder. A lot higher in value than the 2 I had to actively work for.

Parcl was disappointing. Immediately tanked when it dropped. A small allocation for at times having £1k locked up. Linear points criteria meant whales were the only ones to really benefit.

Finally, the biggest laugh of the month, Kamino. $5 for having 5-600 USDC/USDT in lending and borrowing for 5 months. Well played Kamino, well played.

In fairness, the above had dropped in market conditions that are not favourable. People are selling these immediately and fair enough. I think I will probably sell anything above $500 USDC airdropped like I did wormhole. But for things like the above, there is really no point until conditions favour.

To sign off, I thought this summed up the current market perfectly:


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