Blog 21 – March 2024 – Fideum & Rollbit (Again)

2 transactions:

10th March – 0.435 eth to purchase 100,391 Fideum.

10th March – 0.16 eth to purchase 4,642 Rollbit.

A total of 0.6 eth, or approximately $2,250 added.


Think Nexo or but this bull run. There are a number of positive forces on this, but most bullish is the partnership with Mastercard. I think its a matter of time before we see crypto linked with your everyday bank. Making it possible to buy/trade/spend everyday using your phone – like you do your normal bank card.

I hesitate to reference a tweet by someone with “moon” in their profile name, but it sums up all the positive catalysts it has going for it. $70m market cap on the investment too – so risky but large potential upside if it gains traction and actually works. Of course producing something that actually works is the riskiest part about this.


Little intro needed here as I’ve covered it plenty before.

That circulating supply continues to decrease. Revenue continues to sit above $1m a day. Lets hope this isn’t a case of throwing good money after bad, but I’ve gone back in and reduced the cost base. I am hopeful that the price catches up to the fundamentals on this.


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