Blog 19 – February 2024 – Operation $100k Volume

So nothing good ever comes without significant risk or effort right? Think of this as both. I was messing around with Scroll farming the other day and I came across a tracker on RhinoFi that scores you based on the Arbitum criteria for different L2’s. Weirdly, I was in the top 40% for the 4 I am targeting, and ranked top 10% with Linea. Then, as if by chance, CC2 posts the following message about ZKsync:

What if the snapshots haven’t been taken? What if I am missing out on something very straight forward? I then went down a rabbit hole of reading about people who had been farming for 12 months with $4k volume, and that got me thinking. There is no chance I am going to classify for time based things – ie 12 months usage. But I can go full Degen (which has worked OK this month with Eigenlayer), and deposit a large amount of Eth to create 100k volume across the 4 chains I am farming. So that my friends, is what we will do. The 4 airdrops (potential airdrops) I will target is ZKsync, Scroll, Linea & Base. There is no easy way to say this bit…. To do it and build volume quickly I have bought 2 Eth – c$6,000 at time of writing, and will cash out what I have left once the $100k volume, across various defi platforms for each platform is reached. Lets start:


To start with my stats are pretty ordinary on zkSync:

Step 1 – Use the native bridge to get some funds to zkSync.

Then I am going to build $100k in volume by using the top 10 protocols on DefiLama:

I used SyncSwap, Mute, zkSwap Finance, Maverick, Velocore, PancakeSwap, SpaceFi, iZiSwap, Woofi and then a bit more of zkSwap using the cheap gas.

Ok – tiring and repetitive, but my stats for zkSync are now:

I think I will wait until March to build this over 100 trx and $250k volume….


Scroll I start in a slightly better position given the work I put in 2 days ago:

I have bridged funds over to Scroll using Orbiter:

Then I remembered that using the native bridge has been criteria:

Then I am going to build $100k in volume by using the top 10 on DefiLama:

I used Ambient, SyncSwap, SpaceFi, iZiSwap, Zebra, Dodo, Metavault, Sushi, skydrome (tiny amount .01 eth), layerbank.

I’ve run out of steam, and only gone and finished in the top bloody 1%…. Unsure how accurate this tool is.


My stats for Linea are ok to begin with given I completed the voyage a couple of months ago. I also bridged volume backwards and forth between Liena and zkSync as part of above on Orbiter so my volume looks ok.

I have also done the native bridge for Linea, which may count for something, and been airdropped 1,176 LXP for the tasks I did back in November.

There is a new quest out called Linea Park, similar to the voyage but for gaming/web 3. It started 20th of Feb. I am a few days late, but I will take part.


My stats for base are fairly light, but equally its been the one that least people on CryptoTwitter are talking about. That and the devs have come out and said that Base will not have an airdrop.

In any case, I have bridged across some funds and used Aerodrome for some swaps, bought an NFT and submitted a contract on Merkly and interacted.

Fair to say, I have run out of steam here and finish up with the following stats:

Gitcoin Passport

With Crypto, one thing leads to another, and the same goes with reading threads. I ended up coming across the following video, which was helpful and the impetus behind getting a gitcoin passport, and score above 20. Put simply, its verifying yourself as human. Adding protection if these projects decide to cut out sybil/ie computers or AI or people making multiple wallets for a farming operation. Of course, I am not sybil, or doing any of the above, but having spent a load on gas and also losing money through leakage in swaps, It’s not worth the risk.


So that wraps it up – quite a lot involved there. Hands up I may have completely missed the snapshot dates for zkSync or Scroll. I think its unlikely for Linea given they are still actively marketing new things to get involved with. So having put 2.035 eth into my account to build this volume, I am moving back 1.8 eth. This is so I can keep a little in each of the accounts as balance is a requirement, and the rest I have spent in gas/fees or lost in leakage….0.235 eth spent, or a total cost of approximately $750 USD. This $750 USD will be added to the money invested for February. Coupled with the Eigenlayer investment, its significant.

I fully appreciate that this is way outside the usual criteria. But if we are at optimism stage on the wall street market cycle cheat sheet below, then it makes sense to invest as much as I can now, to reap the most rewards in peak bull.

For what its worth I think we are somewhere between Optimism and Belief.


It goes without saying nothing on this site or anything associated with Happy Crypto Wanderer is or should be taken as financial advice. This site tracks the hopeful journey of one everyday punter just trying to live out a dream. Come back here every month so you can track the journey. Any and all feedback is much appreciated. If you feel so strongly that you’d like me to stop at any time, a large enough donation to this wallet so I can reach my goal could make all this disappear.

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