Blog 18 – February 2024 – AltLayer Airdrop & Scroll Farming

The AltLayer airdrop is my biggest airdrop to date (241 Alt tokens worth approximately $118 at the time of writing). 5 months in, it is larger than any monthly yield activities I have done to date. The sum total yield for month 4 (January 2024) was $103. So this airdrop alone, in the month of February eclipses any yield activities I have done so far.

I was eligible for this airdrop thanks to staking more than 35 TIA across various platforms (both keplr staking and milktia / Demex).

I found it quite funny, most of cryptotwitter was outraged at how piddly the amount was. Many complaining it would be eaten straight away in gas. Some even saying its not worth claiming. But for me, I waited until that Gwei was down at 25, and it cost $11 to claim. Living the dream.

I had always said I would sell this and convert it straight to TIA. Perhaps sTIA would be a good play. I am unsure what I will do just yet. But it has given me a renewed sense of hope in the airdrop space, and is why the second part of this is dedicated to Farming Scroll.

I found the below easy to follow and actionable. I have completed all steps, and will try and do it monthly until it drops. I realise I am many months behind others. But if a launch of the Scroll token happens when we are in peak bull and retail is back, then it may mean we still have some time to build a wallet ‘presence’.


It goes without saying nothing on this site or anything associated with Happy Crypto Wanderer is or should be taken as financial advice. This site tracks the hopeful journey of one everyday punter just trying to live out a dream. Come back here every month so you can track the journey. Any and all feedback is much appreciated. If you feel so strongly that you’d like me to stop at any time, a large enough donation to this wallet so I can reach my goal could make all this disappear.

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