Blog 14 – January 2024 – My First Airdrop(s)

Well a couple of months in and I finally got my first airdrop. In fact 3 airdrops in the space of a week. The first ($Manta) I actively farmed and worked for, the second ($Wen) I qualified for without even knowing, and the third ($Wosmo) was magically dropped to my wallet because I staked Osmosis – not on my radar at all.

As someone who enjoys a gamble, I’ve always said money won is a hundred times better than money earned. I have to say, its also the case for airdrops. Whilst the work involved and payout for Manta was laughable, the airdrop from $Wen (643,652 tokens which at the time of writing is worth $80 usd) is a game changer! Who cares what it does. I made no effort at all to even get it – apart from claiming on the phantom app. Literally free money. Free if I was to sell all now and realise in USD. But there is no chance of that. Sign me up, I am now part of the fan club… Wen moon….?


I was late to the party with Manta. I only started trying for this in January and you can see my post about it here. The 0.26 eth I bridged across as part of the Manta Paradigm series didn’t even qualify me for any of the NFTs. Numerous crypto influencers were shilling it into January and effectively giving out a whole lot of misleading information regarding the campaign which had all but finished (largely) in December. If it wasn’t for the extra “activities” I did, in buying a manta paradigm nft on the marketplace, then I would have gotten nothing.

The backlash from the crypto community to Manta has been quite funny. People were really pissed off. The farmers getting farmed. A situation where paid shillers (paid in a sense that they benefited form the referral system) and whales were the only people who benefited. The majority of people just locked up a whole lot of Eth for very little reward and at a huge opportunity cost with all thats happening in the market right now. Consider me part of the disappointed majority, as i got the following manta airdrop:

The Eth I bridged over, or stone as they call it, is now locked up for 3 months until I can get my eth back. There is very little light at the end of the tunnel. The 7 tokens, or $24 I have gotten so far is less than my gas cost to date. Its a net loss. The last glimmer of hope I do have is the LayerBank lend/borrow I have going with my locked up eth(stone). This is accruing points until the end of the month. I can’t help but worry it will just be another case of looking after whales and people like me at this stage in my journey will get forgotten. Nonetheless the points are listed below:


God knows what it is, or what it does… but from what I can tell is its a Cat meme that launched on Solana via airdrop to Jupiter users. You had to claim the airdrop – which was all via the phantom wallet and legitimate. The tokens which are not claimed will be burned.

I claimed this on Friday the 26th of January. At the point of claiming the marketcap was somehow already $100m. At the time of writing, the marketcap is $140m. Part of me thinks its crazy and I should take the USDC now. But another part of me thinks this is crypto, they clearly have made a lot of people happy, it already has a strong community and anything can happen. I have also heard the phrase, don’t ever sell for dust…. I guess you never know when something might moon – and it only takes one. Its also performing a whole lot better than my other memecoins right now. A staggering $94 at the time of writing.


$Wosmo is the first native memecoin on Osmosis. A mad scientist with a touch of anarchy… It was airdropped in equal share to those osmosis stakers. At the time of writing it is worth less than $.01 and I have 61 in total. Theres not a lot else to say, other than it was airdropped straight to my wallet – no claiming or any effort at all.

That rounds out my first ever airdrops. I have to say, there is quite a bit of excitement now for some of the other things I am trying for. Linea, orbiter, marginfi, kamino and parcl. I am also yet to benefit from anything for the Tia staking. There are talks that the Alt airdrop will take place but we are yet to know the criteria around number of Tia staked requirement…. Fingers crossed and I will keep you posted.


It goes without saying nothing on this site or anything associated with Happy Crypto Wanderer is or should be taken as financial advice. This site tracks the hopeful journey of one everyday punter just trying to live out a dream. Come back here every month so you can track the journey. Any and all feedback is much appreciated. If you feel so strongly that you’d like me to stop at any time, a large enough donation to this wallet so I can reach my goal could make all this disappear.

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